Mar 01 2021

Quiet spots for spring blooms

Visitors flock to see the cherry blossoms in Nara. There are plenty of spots to enjoy the beauty of spring without crowds, from traditional gardens to secluded temples.

Isuien Garden near Todaiji Temple, has quiet meandering paths shaded by cherry blossoms, with views of the garden pond and teahouses.

Murouji Temple in the mountains of Uda, is famous for its rhododendron flowers, which follow the cherry blossoms in April. Hasedera Temple in Hase is called the “temple of flowers”, delighting visitors with views of cherry blossoms, followed by lush peonies in late spring.

The roads around Yoshino can become crowded when the mountains turn pink with cherry blossoms, but the secluded gardens of Chikurin-in have weeping cherry blossoms and area views.

Visit the Ishibutai Tumulus in Asuka, framed by cherry blossom trees, in a spacious park. On spring evenings, the trees are often illuminated.