Feb 10 2021

Wagashi: Discover Nara's sweeter side

Wagashi, Japanese sweets, are an art form, shaped to reflect the seasons and refined to balance the delicate bitterness of green tea.

For many visitors, Nakatanido in Naramachi is their first (very exciting) introduction to wagashi. Watch the staff pound mochi mixed with yomogi (mugwort), at super high speed. Try a piece of fresh yomogi mochi, filled with sweet bean paste.

Nakanishi Yosaburo in Naramachi specializes in seasonal wagashi. You can try sweets with matcha tea in the store’s tearoom. There are monthly classes in making wagashi, which can be reserved on the store website.

Honkekikuya in Yamato Koriyama is a beautiful sweet store with a history of over 400 years. The store makes traditional cakes and sweets based on ancient motifs.